Survival Blanket

Sherpa Blanket

A Sherpa blanket is a man-made fabric with a long, thick pile, similar to faux fur, artificial lamb wool or fleece. A Sherpa blanket is designed to provide ultimate softness and comfort. It is the best for winter season and is capable to beat the freezing cold. This blanket is used widely by the people in arctic regions to get warmth.

These blankets are prepared with high quality and heavy-duty materials. These materials include polyester, and much other soft and comfortable material. These materials are free from any allergic effect and could be used easily for babies without the apprehension of any skin infection. These fabrics are very much similar to artificial fleece. They are tremendously soft and light weight. Their light weight is the quality that makes them very popular.

Synthetic fibers account for about half of all fiber usage, with applications in each area of fiber and textile technology. Although many types of fiber based on synthetic polymers have been evaluated as potentially valuable commercial products, four of them -- nylon, polyester, acrylic   and polyolefin - dominate the market. These four account for just about 98 per cent by volume of synthetic fiber production. With polyester alone accounting for around 60 per cent of the production.

Polyester fabrics are sturdy, durable, wrinkle-resistant, colorfast, crisp, and hold pleats and creases well. But they are also nonabsorbent, draw and hold oil stains, may pill when rubbed, and may yellow with age. Polyester is used for clothing and filling attires and coats; various bed linens and towels are also made from polyester blends.

Acrylic is lightweight, supple, and warm, with a wool-like feel. It can also be made to imitate other fibers, such as cotton, when spun on short staple equipment.  End products consist of sweaters, hats, hand-knitting yarns, rugs, awnings, boat covers, and upholstery.

Generally, synthetic fibers are known for being; Heat-sensitive, resistant to most chemicals, resistant to insects, fungi and rot, low moisture absorbency, Oleophilic, electrostatic, flame resistant, density or specific gravity, and pilling.

These blankets require not as much of maintenance and are very easy to clean. They can be easily machine-washed without doing any harm to the texture or fabric of the blanket. One can also choose to dry clean them. By any method, the product remains safe and durable.

For the people living in cold areas or where there happens severe winter season should definitely pursue Sherpa blankets. They are easily available in shopping malls, clothes stores and in department stores.

Sherpa blankets are available in plethora of colors, styles and designs. The soft colors in line with funky and lovely designs make it look really enjoyable. Kids look really cute while wearing it. These blankets are versatile. Their suppleness and warmness make them to be perfect for bathrobes, throw or baby blankets. They can even be used by adults and infants.

While synthetic clothing in general is viewed by many as having a less natural feel compared to fabrics woven from ordinary fibers (such as cotton and wool), polyester fabrics can offer specific advantages over natural fabrics, such as improved wrinkle resistance, toughness and high color retention. Thus, polyester fibers are sometimes spun together with natural fibers to produce a cloth with blended properties. Synthetic fibers also can form materials with superior water, wind and environmental resistance compared to plant-derived fibers.